What Is Swedish Massage?


Swedish massage is a general purpose massage therapy that is known as one of the best body workouts. Swedish massage treatments involve the use of long strokes along the direction of the flow of blood to the heart. This therapy is not only used to relax the whole body, but is also a treatment for various ailments associated with poor flow of blood and oxygen to different parts of the body.

There are several Swedish massage techniques that I apply during the session. Good communication on your part will help me customize the therapy sessions according to your needs. It will help you assess your current physical health better which will lead to beneficial and productive sessions.

I, Márk, am a well-trained and experienced massage therapist dedicated to helping people improve their overall health and vitality through massage therapy and treatments.

Benefits of Swedish Massage Treatments


There are various benefits of regular Swedish massage therapy sessions and studies have shown its effectiveness. The most evident benefits after therapy are increase of oxygen levels in the blood, improved circulation, and increased elasticity in the muscle tissue.

According to a study from the National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, volunteers who took 45 minutes of Swedish massage therapy had experienced reduced levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and arginine vasopressin, the hormone that increases the cortisol.

In addition to that, the volunteers experienced increased lymphocyte count and boost in immune cells, both of which improve the overall immune system health.

What to Expect After Therapy


Swedish massage is beneficial for men, women, and children, and regular sessions can improve your overall health and wellbeing. Right after the first session, you will feel that your whole body is relaxed as your tensed muscles feel more flexible and pain in different parts of the body starts to subdue.