About me

Based in Watford in Herefordshire, I am Márk a licensed, registered and qualified massage therapist for more than 11years now and the owner of Massage Therapy Watford practice. I have undergone holistic and medical training. The knowledge and experience in different schools of medicine has helped me provide exceptional treatment and care to patients with unique needs and conditions.

I founded Massage Therapy Watford to help patients seek relief, rehabilitation, and treatment from various sports and non-sports related injuries and ailments. I aim to provide a holistic outlook to treatment, care, and wellbeing, and it all starts with discovering the root cause of the problem you suffer from.

My goal is to create a therapy clinic where people are not treated as clients or patients, but as friends. I believe that learning never stops and invest my time and energy into learning more about massage therapies that can provide people with comfort, relief, and a sense of well-being that improves their quality of life.

I’m very passionate about swimming and yoga, and over the years, have become accustomed to identifying and addressing swimming and yoga injuries. I also worked as a physiotherapist for a handball team which has helped me understand the different types of sports injuries a person is susceptible to. And along the years I have helped numerous people to prepare for different running events like marathons and cross country races.

More importantly though, I believe that to provide the best treatment to someone, I need to develop a good understanding with them and that begins with talking about their injuries, issues, and how it hinders their day to day life. I provide treatment plans that don’t end with the massage therapy, but actually start with them.

I focus on ‘treatment through exercise’ during homecare and aftercare that can not only accelerate the recovery process but can set up a good habit of regular exercise that improves the overall health. I believe in educating the patients so that they realize how important regular massage, exercise, and a holistic outlook towards health are to optimal health.